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These are samples of the variety of work I’ve done and an idea of what your  images may be like. I like the art in Photography and not the art in Photoshop. It has never seemed fair to call yourself a photographer when most of the image isn’t what came out of the camera. Anyway, enough of that soapbox. You can see more of my work on or On Facebook, look for me at “Pat Worldofimages”

A little about me, I’ve retired from two different careers and took up photography in late 2008. My cameras have changed and my technique has improved but my concept of what makes a beautiful image has not. If it’s a portfolio or family group, I won’t try to make you into something you’re not. Instead I’ll bring out the beauty of who you really are. I will over charge you for weddings because I don’t like doing them but otherwise my rates are extremely reasonable.

Warning: If you’re not 18 or nudity may offend you, please leave this site. Their is partial or full nudity scattered  throughout this site.

Please let me know if you would like to work with any of these models - and thanks again for visiting my site.


Conceptions and Perceptions

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